Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Android programs for beginners

What programs to learn in android as beginner ?
  1. Writing Hello world Program download screenshot
  2. Creating simple form download  screenshot         
  3. Switching between screens ( Activities) download               
  4. Creating Menus download  
    1. Option menu
    2. Context menu
  5. Creating Notification
    1. Toast messages download screenshot1 screenshot2 
    2. Status bar messages
  6. Creating Dialogs
    1. Alert Dialog
    2. Progress Dialog
    3. Date Picker Dialog download screenshot 
    4. Time Picker Dialog download screenshot
  7. Binding static Data to the Views
    1. List View download screenshot
    2. Spinner( Drop down ) download screenshot
    3. Grid View download 
  8. Binding SQLite( Database ) Data  to the Views 
    1. List View download
    2. Spinner( Drop down )
    3. Grid View download 
  9. Contacts look-up using AutoCompleteTextview ( Content provider ) download
  10. Integration with Maps download
  11. Creating service
    1. Service
    2. Bound Service
  12. Webview download

Dashboard project - download screenshot1 screenshort2

Note : All these samples are implemented in Gingerbread 2.3.3 version (API 10)


  1. Good Evening Sir,
    This is Vishnu form Ellenki College. You wanted me to leave a mail to guide me work on EXIT FORM THE APP area in Android Application Development.

    Can you please help me Sir..

  2. Hi Vishu,

    Android applications Contains Activities (Screens). If you can close all Activities which are running, nothing exiting application.

    We can do this by clearing all activities using FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP flag.

    Call the Exit activity with FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP flag and finish it onCreate.

    Intent intent = new Intent(this, ExitActivity.class);

    1. i will try to implement it Sir, thank you for that..!! :)

      and i will get back if it doesn't work.

  3. Good Evening Sir,

    Vishnu again. I want to fetch the values from an ArrayAdapter to a string sir, i had been working on it past 2 days, and failed. I am successful in passing the strings into ArrayAdapter, but unable to reverse the process. Kindly provide me a solution sir.

    M Vishnu Chaitanya

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